S Phase Expands SaaS Mobile Analytics, Compliance and Meeting Management Solutions

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Jeff Giampalmi
S Phase, an Atlanta-based leader in strategic medical communication services for biopharmaceutical clients, today unveiled a suite of SaaS mobile apps that set new standards of excellence for business intelligence, compliance and meeting management. These tools simplify the upstream portion of data management and seamlessly connect to a cloud-based data warehouse for instantaneous downstream reporting even on mobile devices.

"The launch of these three best-in-class solutions demonstrates our commitment to a mobility-first approach and to remaining leaders in providing medical educational programming to biopharmaceutical companies," said Deborah Prince, Chief Commercial Officer and President of Speaker Bureau Programming.

  • M3 (Mobile Meeting Management): A powerful and efficient on-site meeting manager, M3 runs as a native iOS application on Mac devices and is fully integrated with real-time program/HCP information and all supporting documentation. M3 replaces paper-based inefficiencies, feedback delays, and other redundancies, providing a fully transparent, real-time environment that automatically feeds program information to highly flexible analytic data profiles.

  • MDR (Monitoring Dashboard and Repository): Developed primarily for Compliance, MDR provides on-demand access to highly granular program and attendee data, has advanced search and filtering capabilities, and houses compliance-related documents available in real time. MDR also preemptively flags non-compliant processes and transactions and archives them to ensure appropriate record retention.

  • ASTOUND (Analytic Services To Optimize UNderstanding of Data): ASTOUND is an elegant analytics engine that offers standardized, customized, and ad hoc reporting for various end-user groups. This cloud-based core KPI platform (mobile friendly and user optimized) can be tailored for Operations, Marketing, Compliance, and Sales, to deliver high-level and granular detail to support your reporting and dashboard needs. Flexible dashboards layer multifaceted visualizations from an array of datasets to effectively inform strategic recommendations. Modules include market saturation and impact analysis heat maps, ROI tracking, budget management and forecasting, speaker recruitment spatial analysis, and more. Responsive filtering provides the ability to drill down through business-specific nuances and optimize program allocation, placement, and effect.

According to Jeff Giampalmi, CEO of S Phase's parent company Conisus, "We're thrilled to provide these innovative SaaS mobile-based solutions to our clients. S Phase's ability to provide strategic services and profound customer insights based on our analytics platform will allow clients to differentiate their brands in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

About S Phase

Based in Atlanta, S Phase is a leading provider of strategic medical communication services to the biopharmaceutical industry. We are dedicated to improving the care of patients with serious or life-threatening conditions by delivering superior medical education programs to healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide best-in-class strategic services while demonstrating unrivaled service to healthcare professionals and clients ensuring that all operations reflect the highest degree of integrity.