Lessons From the World of Fashion: Intro

Dec 11 2015

I am reading an inspiring book called Always in Fashion by Mark Weber. Mark is the former CEO of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, USA and former Chairman and CEO of Donna Karan International Inc. I am intrigued by the pragmatic business lessons Mark writes about and am using this book as a teaching tool for some of my company’s employees. Although our businesses focus on the biopharmaceutical sector, many of Mark's insights are transferable outside of the fashion world. On page 26, Mark states, “I had absolutely no personal agenda when it came to my job. I had only one interest: What’s best for the company?" This point is one of the most important in the entire book. I have often encountered people who are more focused on making themselves look good and on personal career advancement rather than on what is good for the company. Unfortunately, I have observed this type of behavior more often than I would have liked during my business career. Confident leaders are objective and unselfish and always make decisions that are in the best interests of the company rather than for their own or others’ personal gain. This unselfishness is something I look for when reviewing succession plans for our organization. Mark Weber, Always in Fashion: From Clerk to CEO—Lessons for Success in Business and in LifeFor more information: Jeff Giampalmi