Lessons From the World of Fashion: Change

Dec 11 2015

In his book Always in Fashion, Mark Weber discusses how he didn’t accept the norm. He writes, “Instead I disrupted the system. I didn’t like what was happening even though it was comfortable for everyone else in the company. I wanted to dig and figure out how this process could work better. Was there a more efficient way to operate?”There are two types of change; the first is evolutionary change. This type of change occurs incrementally and builds on or improves existing processes, procedures, etc. The other type of change is disruptive change. This type of innovation creates a new market and value network. Examples of disruptive companies include Uber, Google, DJI, Twitter, and Airbnb. New products and services that change the world (through disruptive change) are rare; most change within companies is evolutionary. Evolutionary change is also very powerful and can improve an organization considerably. The point Mark makes regarding change is to challenge the status quo and refuse to accept things just because they have always been done a certain way. Always question the current system and push yourself to create a better way rather than accept the historical norm. Being a “change agent” can improve your company and your status within a company. Mark Weber, Always in Fashion: From Clerk to CEO—Lessons for Success in Business and in LifeFor more information: Jeff Giampalmi